Among the growing lineup of Yamaha outboards, the 2-stroke models with their simpler engine structure continue to have a strong customer following. In order to meet the diverse and demanding needs of these devoted customers, Yamaha offers a selection of over 50 2-stroke model variations and over 20 Enduro models. Yamaha has been supplying reliable, heavy-duty outboards to the most demanding boaters of all: the people who make their living on the water. These Enduro outboards are designed from the bottom up to take the strain of long continuous hours of hard use. Years of rigorous testing have produced features that make the difference between a motor that goes the distance and those that quit along the way.

Yamaha 5CSMHL

Yamaha E8 DMHS

Yamaha E15 DMHS

Yamaha E40 JMHS

Yamaha E40X

Yamaha E60 HMHDL

Yamaha E75 BMHDL

Yamaha 85AETL

Yamaha E115AETL/X

Yamaha 200AETL/X